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Facebook Clone 2010 1

Facebook Clone 2010 1: FaceBook Clone 2010 - Script Social Networking Scripts. Complete Facebook Clone Script Social Networking Scripts. Complete Facebook Clone 2010. Ever wanted to own your own FaceBook Site? This social Networking script has all the features of the real Facebook and more. This is a social networking site and the script is made available to everyone and we feel proud in presenting this clone script to you. The Script can be customized and can be branded for yourself. It is a script made by us, done to match every function of the

Sv Classified Script 5.1: Classified Script v5.1 | Best PHP Classified Script. Get Online classified
Sv Classified Script 5.1

Classified Script v5.1 | Best PHP Classified Script. Get Online classified script - Want to know more about such premium quality classified script? Scuttle your own distinct classifieds site with High Quality, Powerful, and Feature rich, easy to use classified ads & classified script solution. Professionally developed PHP Classifieds script that was built with you...

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Internet Marketing Software 2.00: Are you wasting too much time on the 'creation' and setting up of your products.
Internet Marketing Software 2.00

Are you wasting too much time on the "creation" and setting up of your products when you`d actually like to be selling more? Well, imagine if you could have a "ready-to-go-scripts" that you could simply plug in with your name instantly.Sounds like that would be the perfect business opportunity, right? ...especially if you`re lazy like us or need to make some quick sales online. Well, here`s your chance to have your very own ready-made script

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ScriptMaker 2.03: Film-makers` utility for developing and formatting screenplays
ScriptMaker 2.03

ScriptMaker is a tool for script-writers and directors. It allows you to develop your script as well as format it properly, by integrating the process of story development with script writing. Story-planning is done using "virtual index-cards". ScriptMaker knows which parts of your script are linked with which index-cards, so if you alter the order of the cards the corresponding parts of the script get swapped around too. The descriptive version

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Car Sales Catalog Deluxe 4.21: Car cataloging management software for an automobile salesperson.
Car Sales Catalog Deluxe 4.21

Car Sales Catalog Deluxe is a Windows software for car dealers, car salespeople. Software helps car dealers: easily manage your vehicle inventories, quickly create car sales listings, web sales inserts, track and manage car sales, create car sales summaries and reports. Software for Windows.

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Affiliate Pro 3.2.17: Powerful and flexible affiliate software for professional use.
Affiliate Pro 3.2.17

scription, or services. Main task of our affiliate script is tracking of leads, clicks, and sales then according to system setup give certain commission to affiliates who referred customers to your website. This system could be used both for online and offline payments (check/wire/etc) accepted by your eCommerce website. Your affiliates can refer other webmasters to get affiliated with you and they will receive second tier commission if referred

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Lokad Excel Sales Forecasting 1.0.0

Lokad Excel Sales Forecasting is an open source add-in. * Native integration into Microsoft Excel 2000 or higher. * Import sales data from 20+ business applications into Excel. * Explore, visualize and organize your sales data through Excel. * Upload your sales data to Lokad in one click. * Define customizable forecasting tasks (per day, week, month). * Download your sales forecasts through our forecasting technology.

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